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Hello [rapuserfirstname],

Welcome to the first lesson in the „20 Days To More Traffic“ series.

During the next 20 days you are going to receive a daily email lesson, that will introduce you to different traffic methods to attract more visitors to your website.

When it comes to generating traffic the simple fact is that quality out weighs quantity every time!

While attracting millions of visitors to your website is the dream of every webmaster, your approach towards traffic generation should be focused on the quality of traffic that you attract and not so much on the numbers in your traffic stats!

When you focus on quality (targeted) traffic rather than quality you will achieve much better results for your efforts and I guarantee you will experience better conversions and make more sales.

What are the best ways to attract traffic to your website?

Let’s start off with one of the basic methods of attracting free traffic to your website and that is SEO.

SEO (Search engine optimization) has been a standard in the online marketing world for several years.

Basically it means making you website more accessible by the search engines. When you begin optimizing your websites you should consider the three major search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN. They all have different parameters for organizing their links.

Out of these Google is the most popular. Google is a context based search engine (which means it ranks content-rich websites higher than others).

Here are some basic methods that you can use to improve your Google PageRank:

One of the ways that Google ranks webpages is based on the keywords that a page contains. So you must research good keywords with good search volume and low competition and use them in your content.

Avoid Double Content
Apart from keyword optimization, make sure that your posts are long enough to avoid double content problems. All of the wording in navigation, headers, footers and sidebars are ususally indexed. So be sure that there are more than 200 words of content on a webpage to avoid this.

Post Regularly
The content on your site needs to be regularly updated. Google will come to index your site more often, if you do regular updates.

Title Tags
The first thing that the search engines see when they come on to your page ist the title tag. Take a look at your Browser tabs to see what is showing for your pages. Be sure to include the main keyword or phrase in the tag. It can make a real difference and is not hard to correct.

As you begin your quest for traffic you will discover that virtually all methods of traffic generation are based on basic SEO methods.

Simply because Search engines like Google keep a close eye on the popularity of websites and according to them, if a website is visited more, it contains value and that is how you want your site to be seen.

Over the next 20 days we will be going over many traffic methods including more SEO. So make sure you look for your next lesson soon.

We will be talking about using articles to get tons of free traffic.

Here are a couple of resources you may find helpful:

– Search Engine Guide: http://www.searchengineguide.com

– The Magic SEO Book: http://mikehcg.MAGICSEO.hop.clickbank.net

Thank you again for joining,
Michael Holdcroft